Towards resilient communities

How urban communities can help with climate change mitigation & adaptation

  • Towards resilient communities

    22. Jul 2019. by

    “Whether they come from governments or from civil society, the best techniques for safeguarding cities don’t just mitigate disaster damage; they also strengthen the networks that promote health and prosperity during ordinary times.” Adaptation, E. Klinenberg. The New Yorker, January 7, 2013 issue “As more and more communities are facing the impacts of climate disruption, it’s… Read more

  • Pioneers into practice- maps for suitable habitats for fauna from the Spanish Red List (IUCN).

    13. Mar 2020. by

    As Climate-KIC Pioneer into Practice  I had an opportunity to stay one month in Madrid, Spain. My placement was in Research Group for Sustainable Management SILVANET –FoReStLab, College of Forestry and Natural Environment, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). During the placement period, with the colleague Daniel Pop from Romania, and with a help from Vanja… Read more

  • Grand finale of the Climate Launch Pad

    12. Feb 2020. by

    As a Climate-KIC Pioneer into Practice (PiP) I had an opportunity to participate at the Pioneers International Workshop that was organized in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 13th of November and to attend Global Grand Final of the Climate Launchpad that was organized on 14th and 15th of November in the same city. The theme of… Read more

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