Towards resilient communities

How urban communities can help with climate change mitigation & adaptation

  • Towards resilient communities

    22. Jul 2019. by

    “Whether they come from governments or from civil society, the best techniques for safeguarding cities don’t just mitigate disaster damage; they also strengthen the networks that promote health and prosperity during ordinary times.” Adaptation, E. Klinenberg. The New Yorker, January 7, 2013 issue “As more and more communities are facing the impacts of climate disruption, it’s… Read more

  • Interview with Daniel Rodriguez Paredes –General director of Amazóniko- collaborative recycling platform

    16. Mar 2021. by

    Hi Daniel, Can you tell us more about Amazóniko and How did you get an idea to create it? Amazóniko is a collaborative recycling platform that connects households, waste pickers, industry and commerce to give reusable materials a second life, promote responsible consumption and dignify collectors working conditions. We give to our users redeemable points… Read more

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